What do you know about Armenia’s wine production now? Here’s a brief glance.

During the Soviet Era Armenia was deemed a brandy making country and Georgia was making all the wine. That means we had grapes, but the quantity was more important to the farmers and the quality, overlooked. That noted winemaking requires better quality grapes.

To develop winemaking in Armenia, action were taken starting around the beginning of the 2000’s. People started buying vineyards, creating wineries and quality wines, but the biggest changes we have seen ourselves through final products hitting the shelf have been since December 31th 2012 – the day In Vino opened.

Imagine the year 2012. The concept of In Vino has been brewing in the mind of on one the founders for a while, after sharing the idea with two of his potential partners, a team of three embarked on the adventure of creating Yerevan’s first specialized wine shop and bar. By no means were all the partners wine experts, but their passion for the beverage is what fueled them.

So what does it mean to be a specialized wine bar, club and merchant?

It simply means a large selection of wine, stored properly in the correct temperature, served in the proper wine glasses by people who love what they do. If you want to learn about the world of wine, buy wine for a specific occasion, or pair the wine with a certain food, maybe even just have a conversation with people who can understand wine, come by!

You can drink wine at In Vino, or take it away with you. By becoming a member of our Wine Club you get a card that keeps the history of what you’ve bought and eventually becomes a discount card. You can get weekly emails about events and are first to be invited to special closed events:

We have wines from almost all over the world!
We divide them according to…

Old World
New World
Our World (Historic World/ Ancient World/ Old New World/ Biblical world) – in reality there isn’t just one “World” where Armenia wine fits in.

Besides wine..

Other than wine you can enjoy a cup of Americano, Cappuccino, Espresso and a few types of tea. We carry an assortment of local and imported salamis and cheese, peanuts, olives, our home made sharots. Want a sandwich? How many cm are you hungry for? Try our famous sandwiches sold by the cm. (60AMD per cm.)

It was a challenge to introduce the concept of a specialized wine bar to locals, when at the time, the consumption per capita was only 2.11liters  in, whereas in France, for example, is was  53.96 liters.

From what we can recall, there were only about 15 drinkable local wine on our shelves from Karas, Zorah, Armenia Wine Company, Gevorkian Winery (formerly known as 365 Wines) Maran and Domaine Avetisyan Kataro.

Today, 7 years later, we have over 150 local wines. We barely have any space for emerging wineries. With our selection of over 850 wines today (used to be 600), and over 20 wines offered by glass (used to be 10) we continue to grow and educate ourselves about local wines on a daily basis. 

In the next article we will discuss Armenian winemaking regions and their unique characteristics.

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